Safe and Secure in The Cook Islands

Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited is a regulated Trustee Company, registered in the Cook Islands. We provide innovative solutions to preserve and maintain wealth, in an environment where privacy is important.

As a family owned boutique Trustee Company, we provide professional services tailored to high net worth individuals and families.

Our services include the provision of management, administrative, secretarial and banking services to;

  • International Trusts,
  • International Companies,
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC's),
  • Private Foundations, and
  • Offshore Insurance Companies including Captives.

We have strong relationships with reputable banks, investment companies, financial advisors and law firms worldwide.

Ora offers a window to personal service, where our priority is understanding our clients financial and personal needs.

Where is the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands, lie in the tropic of Capricorn, latitude 9-22 degrees, in close proximity to Tahiti. The capital Island of Rarotonga is a modern Polynesian oasis boasting world class resorts, Pacific fusion style restaurants, satellite television, a large private sector and an international airport with direct air services from Los Angles, Auckland, Sydney and Papeete. 

Covering 2 million square kilometres (or 1.24 million miles) of vast Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands comprise 15 Islands in total.  Renowned for its exotic Pacific environment, the Cook Islands main industries comprise Tourism, Black Pearls, and of course high privacy Offshore Financial Services. The Cook Islands are a democratic nation, governed by a sovereign constitution.  Free elections are held every four years with a Westminster style of parliament.

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Our goal is to strive for excellence and provide innovative, responsive services. Our staff of professionals are experienced in law, accounting and fiduciary services capitalizing on a network of banks and financial service providers to offer a truly global service.



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